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iPad Program

 Through the St. Rita School iPad Program, students are building on their 21st century skills as well as preparing to complete tasks in the same manner they are expected to in higher education.

What is provided by the school?

  • All iPads will be provided by St. Rita School.
  • Students are given access to WiFi and printing on campus
  • Students are given account access to educational apps such as: Mathletics, Duolingo,
    Accelerated Reader, Google Suite, Simple Solutions, & Robotics (VEX)

What accessories are provided?
Parents must provide an ipad case and headphones.

Are students responsible for purchasing the apps for the iPad, or is that provided by the school?
The school will purchase the apps necessary for class. St. Rita School Teachers and/or IT support staff are responsible for downloading and installing applications.

Can students install their own apps?
Students are not allowed to download apps outside of what the teacher allows. Teachers monitor what apps students are using during class time. If a student has an app open during class that is not permitted by the school, the classroom teacher will lock the student’s ipad.

When do students first receive their iPads?
Students will receive their iPad within the first 2 weeks of school. TK, Kinder, 1st grade work on iPads during stations. 2nd-8th grade are provided with their own iPad. (The same iPad issued to a student in 2nd grade remains “their” iPad until they graduate in 8th grade.)

All iPads MUST remain on campus daily as they are considered school property.

If my student already has an iPad. Will he/she be able to use that one?
Only the school-issued iPad may be used at school.

Can students opt out of using the iPad?
All students are required to use a school-issued iPad. This allows equal educational opportunity for all St. Rita School students.

Will technical support be provided for students and their iPads?
Yes! A Teacher and/or IT support staff are available to assist with technical issues.

Will the iPad be used in place of textbooks?
Traditional textbooks will be used in the classrooms. iPads are incorporated for the purpose of writing reports, working on educational apps, editing videos as well as it provides a tool when working in small groups to enhance their work.

Do students get to keep their iPads when they graduate?
No. All school-issued iPads are the property of St. Rita School.

What happens if an iPad is broken, lost, or stolen?
Students are expected to demonstrate proper care when using the iPads. If at any point a student damages, misplaced, or has his/her issued iPad stolen, the family will be financially responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement.