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Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SEL)

School Wide Learning Expectations indicate the skills our students develop spiritually, intellectually and socially by their successful completion of Saint Rita School’s educational and religious program.

A Saint Rita student strives to become:

I. A Christ-Centered Person Who:

Prays daily and attends Mass

Lives each day as Jesus did

Supports and contributes to others through Christian service

Understands the teachings of the Catholic faith

II. An Intellectual Learner Who:

Is able to actively listen, speak and write well

Develops critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in a variety of ways

Uses technology responsibly

Appreciates the fine arts

III. A Maturing Individual Who:

Accepts all God-given talents and abilities

Has developed self-confidence and self-motivation

Understands sportsmanship

Makes good choices

IV. A Globally Aware Citizen Who:

Follows the Golden Rule

Serves others

Respects all God’s creations

Cares for the environment