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Mission & Philosophy

Mission & Philiosophy

Our Mission

The mission of Saint Rita Catholic School is three-fold: to assist and to enable parents to fulfill their roles as the primary educators of their children, to inspire our students to grow and develop as Catholic citizens and to provide a liberal arts education which will challenge each student to become responsible citizens educated to the needs of self and society.

Our Philosophy

At St. Rita Catholic School we stress educational excellence and the development of the character and individual abilities of our students within the context of Catholic values and personal integrity. The faculty and staff at Saint Rita Catholic School believe that we are called as Christian teachers to educate the whole person, spiritually, intellectually, socially, psychologically and physically. We acknowledge that the family is the heart of Catholic education and that parents are their children’s primary educators. We serve and assist parents by creating and maintaining a loving, caring, and Catholic environment. Through our modeling, we hope to guide and lead each child with respect to his/her ultimate goal and simultaneously with respect to the good of our global community. Our strategies for educating the whole child to become a life-long learner are guided by the following principles.

Our Religious Education places emphasis on a sense of Catholic community. Our instructional model as individuals is always Jesus Christ. Instruction in basic Catholic Doctrine prepares students for the sacraments, encourages prayer and public worship and focuses on living daily with a Christian attitude that involves concern and service for others. As educators we facilitate learning to achieve competency in the basic skills of math, reading, and the English language. Our education also includes a general knowledge of social studies, science, fine arts, and recognition and appreciation of cultural activities.

Our Intellectual Education stresses the principle that all children with diverse needs and abilities can learn. Teachers and school administrators create and foster learning environments where all children are challenged to learn and utilize a variety of problem solving techniques to develop critical thinking, creativity and innovation.

Our Social Education recognizes parents as the primary educators of the students. Our teachers work with parents to prepare students for life as members of family, Church, civic, economic and global communities.

Physical and Psychological Education is important to develop within each child a physical and psychological awareness of self and of others. This is achieved through developing a sense of body awareness through exercise and physical achievement, a deep self-respect and self-acceptance, an understanding and care for all living things and the ability to make responsible decisions when faced with critical issues.

Discipline and Guidance is an integration of character education and Christian social living. At St. Rita School, discipline is considered an aspect of moral guidance and not a form of punishment. Good discipline is necessary to establish standards of behavior, mutual respect, and a desirable system of values. This leads each person to develop self-control, self-respect and self-direction.